I had the opportunity to work with Ranger & Fox on the updated open and elements for Microsoft's Modern Workplace package. It was their goal to put a focus on transformation. The first phase was to create a trailer followed by a second phase to create the Open and show elements. Under the creative direction of Stephen Panicara, I brought my creativity and experience to the art direction, design, 3d setup, animation, and compositing.

The project had an aggressive start. We designed, built, and animated in a  push to create the initial trailer. Luckily after this push, there was a pause while we waited for the second phase. I used the opportunity to rework the 3D setup to be more flexible and targeted towards how we were using it. When we started back up, the client wanted to push for a more ambitious direction to create the package. This new 3D setup allowed us to work without many of the original technical problems, and instead, we put our time and focus on creative challenges to elevate the package. 
Studio: Ranger & Fox
Creative Director: Stephen Panicara
Art Director: Jonathan Larson
Designers / Animators: Jonathan Larson, Nicole Choi, Nick Scarcella

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