Vaatividya hosted an art competition to explore what a second Bloodborne game would look like. This was an incredibly fun challenge to explore a game that I loved and expanding it both visually and conceptually. I knew I wanted to somehow involve pandas so I took inspiration from Chinese mythology and fused it concepts from “The Dunwich Horror” by HP Lovecraft, an author who had a major influence on the first game. 

Visually my entry started as an illustration which expanded to an animated story of your conversation with one of the NPCs in the village nearby the boss. Conceptually I created a backstory to a boss battle and the mechanics of the fight itself laid out in a pdf at the bottom of the page. 

This was a huge passion project for sure and I wanted to grow my illustration abilities and my illustration motion graphic techniques. It also pushed me for creative writing, setting up music from soundstripe, and recording my own VO.

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