HBCUGO approached Ranger & Fox to create a graphics package for their 2022 football season. It went so well that we've been able to continue through basketball.

I joined the project just after the pitch phase as co-creative director alongside Stephen Panicara. For the football package, Steve ran the open and a lot of the wrap-around elements while I focused on the insert package aka the graphics that appear during the game. With basketball, I worked with the team to update the package elements adjusting the open to switch sports while also adjusting the package with what we learned from our first round with football.

The montage above was edited together by Steve. Below is a collection of full screens and on-screen elements for the football package.
When approaching the basketball package we decided to restructure the scorebug and most of the graphics to work in a system that allowed for the game to up shown as much as possible. Basketball does not have as much downtime as football so this was key. This was done by incorporating the lower thirds into the scorebug and sliding it over to highlight information on slab graphics rather than full screen graphics.
General Manager: Clinton Evans
VP of Programming: Karrington Symonds
Marketing & Production Consultant: Michelle Brooks

HBCUGO Production Team
Vice President, Design: Michael Potts
Art Director: Eric King II
Production Consultant: Ned Simon
Music & Sound Design: Komari Bailey “K-Rucka” & Donna Jones

Direction/Design/Animation | Ranger & Fox
Creative Director: Jonathan Larson, Stephen Panicara
Executive Producer: Jared Doud
Design: Justin Harder, Ben Bullock, Jonathan Larson, Stephen Panicara
Animation: Ben Bullock, Jonny Sidlo, Ted Gore, Jonathan Larson, Stephen Panicara
Xpression: Alex Newman

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