The first NFL Total Access Package was iconic with its dark scenes, live-action players, all set in an abstract, shiny, dark world. To contrast the dark vibe, we focused on a bright white world living inside the NFL Logo for the refresh. I shared the Art Direction with Stephen Panicara. Brett Morris developed the system to create the beautiful LED walls. My focus was on the concept, design of various package segments, and creation of the 3D parts of the open animation. Montage by Capacity.
Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
Art Direction: Jonathan Larson, Stephen Panicara,
Design / Animation: Jonathan Larson, Stephen Panicara, Ellerey Gave, Benji Thiem, Melissa Oakley, Conor Scully, Brett Morris, Mitsuka Thiem, Blake Fawley

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